City government keeps it running smoothly

By Erika Utt, Marion

Every single city in every single county in West Virginia needs to be run by a chosen group of officials, the city council, to function smoothly and properly. Each city council is responsible for hosting public events such as parades, gathering up everyone's taxes to pay for certain services such as cutting down tall grass in city areas, tearing down evacuated and useless buildings, and paving bumpy and torn up roads, etc.This is one of the many things you learn about during City Government, run by Allison O'Konski. During this very informational class, the girls are brought in to learn about all of the positions of leadership and council in their city.They learn exactly how important each individual position is, its purpose, and what tasks the person elected to that position will have to perform.Also during this class, a YouTube video was shown on Wheeling, WV, and its purpose was to teach everyone to take pride in their home city. The girls were also allowed to ask their own questions at the end of the presentation. Overall, it was a great learning experience.