JCs lecture on State Government

By Georgia Beatty, Marion Nationalist
In the NTTC Auditorium Tuesday morning, Girls State citizens were greeted with bright pink polo’s instead of the refined senator they expected. Junior counselors Whitney Ramey and Gabby Flannigan explained the mechanics and structure of the state government, as Senator Jack Yost was unable to attend; he is currently preoccupied with the budget crisis in Charleston. In the class, citizens learned exactly how a bill transforms into a law between the house and the senate, how long each politician remains in office, and how different politicians do their jobs efficiently. Equally valuable to the citizens were Ramey and Flannigan’s personal experiences as interns in the capital. “It was kind of crazy being around all these powerful people in a committee and you’re just sitting in the corner furiously taking notes,” Flannigan mused. Information regarding political and journalistic scholarships and internships can be found on the Legislatures website, according to the two junior counselors.