Girls Nation Senators’ Report

By Taylor Graham, Kanawha Nationalist, & Rachel Moore, Lewis Nationalist

West Virginia's senators to Girls Nation were Alyssa Bumpus and Jessica Kimble. Senator Jessica Kimble reflected on her time at Girls Nation with tears in her eyes. "Amazing opportunities," was the first and only two words she could manage to speak before submerging into tears. After Kimble and Alyssa Bumpus were chosen as outstanding citizens, they were put through a rigorous interview process to be eligible for Girls Nation. They impressed the staff and were sent on their way to Girls Nation, just outside of Washington D.C. They were given the opportunity to present a bill, on behalf of handicapped citizens of America. They felt these people did not have the same opportunity to voice their opinions and needs. The bill unanimously passed. As you could imagine, this left the girls with much confidence and pride. During their visit, Kimble and Bumpus visited the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. Bumpus when visiting the cemetery, recognized her great-grandfather, a General from the Vietnam War. She found it a very moving experience. The Girls Nation Senators sang a song to show their appreciation and patriotism for their country. While singing, they handed out miniature American flags. A deed so small yet leaving such a big impact on the citizens. All could see smiles and pride all over their faces as each received their own small flag. All of these experiences gave the girls priceless memories and stories to share when back home. Senator Kimble's favorite memory was meeting and getting a hug from President of the United States, Barack Obama. "It was my proudest moment," said Kimble. Now, a year later, presenting their time as residents of Girls Nation to the 2016 Rhododendron Girls State and volunteering their time as junior counselors, they both share their experiences with smiles, laughter and tears.