City Government with Allison Skibo

By Sydney Roseland, Monroe Nationalist

Featured on Monday and Tuesday mornings, City Government was taught by Allison Skibo, a Marketing and Community Relations specialist for the City of Wheeling. To start off our class, she introduced herself, explained her profession and enlightened us as to her college education and experience. After a few family anecdotes, she intrigued her audience with some facts about important or semi-silly city history. After many intelligently worded explanations on the main topics covered in her PowerPoint presentation, which she handed out in print for our convenience. She showed a video to demonstrate the purpose of her occupation. The video was incredibly interesting and creatively shot, demonstrating both the historical and the more modern professionalism of Wheeling. As we began to run out of time, she picked up speed and began to encourage the class and entirety of Girls State to promote the general welfare and raise the voice of youth in our society, not only in both our communities and local governments, but in all we do. She left us with a few choices words, “Local government gives people of all ages the ability to form and utilize their voice.”