Circuit Clerk shares wisdom

By Samaria Oiler, Upshur Nationalist

“Work Together.” Young ladies of RGS gathered in the CTE recital hall on Tuesday, June 14th . Circuit clerk Brenda Miller explained women must educate themselves, become qualified in careers and love what they do. Miller has been Ohio County’s circuit clerk for 17 years. She was the only women among five men in office at first. Miller worked in college in the records area and participated in management and marketing classes. She demonstrated how to introduce oneself when running a campaign. “You have 30 seconds to make a good impression, if somebody’s going to vote for you,” she said. Miller offered every candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves. “Tell voters what you will do for them Once you’re in office it’s not about you anymore,” she explained. If voters elect a woman, she has to let them know she appreciates them. Above all Miller concluded,” you must be able to work together.”