COVID-19 Announcement

It is with a heavy heart to announce The American Legion Auxiliary Rhododendron Girls State and The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State programs have been cancelled for 2020. Please know this decision was made after thorough deliberation with our program’s senior leadership and based on the current national and state-wide effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information see the attached ALARGS and ALMBS Memoranda.

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ALARGS Registrar

Ann Buchanan, Registrar


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2018 Rhododendron Girls State Week

Rhododendron Girls State Week

June 10-15, 2018

Davis & Elkins College, Elkins WV

Check in:  June 10th 1:00-3:00 pm

Session Ends June 15th 10:00-11:00 am

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Heroes honored

By Erin Duffy, Kanawha Federalist, & Dang Ren, Calhoun Federalist

Mayor Mara Campbell-Boggs and Lieutenant Lee Ann Campbell-Haley, made a special trip to RGS this Tuesday. Campbell-Boggs, the elder of the two, now resides in Senator Mansions court of staff. The theme of RGS 2016 is “Rise Up! Be Your Best You,” and each sister portrays different aspects of this phrase. Lieutenant Campbell-Haley is the physical embodiment of a sentiment integral to the spirit of Rhododendron Girls State: challenging yourself to confront your fears. The Lieutenant was a member of the esteemed 82nd Airborne, where she, along with her sister, Major Campbell-Boggs, was a paratrooper. Despite participating in hundreds of jumps, Lieutenant Campbell-Haley is “terrified” f heights. However, this hero refused to let her natural aversion to heights stop her from challenging herself to participate fully in the aviation program whilst she was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Her sister,

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Board of Education election results

Braxton: Emilee Bradly, Rachel Dinges, Olivia Archer, Sierra Kendrick, Brook Stewart Calhoun: Emily Murphy, Nicole Gordon, Victoria McKnight, Matalyn Hayes, Dang Ren Kanawha: Camryn Andrick, Taylor Barnes, Haleigh Eldridge, Alexis Webb, Allison Click Lewis: Catherine Campbell, Rachel Moore, Bailey Topping, Shaina Wood, Victoria Potts Marion: Madelyn Mitchell, Autumn Fiest, Sarah Akers, Haley Brown, Sydney Jefferys Monongalia: Taylor Gordon, Kristen Massey, Reina Edwrds, Lucretia Shumate, Tayler Huffman Monroe: Darian Darway, Gia Watt, Kaycee Kiser, Kimberly Fagga, Sydney Roseland Northern Panhandle: Rhiannon Macon, Tressa Varner, Ashton Rexroad, Omotayo Oluwafemi, Anna Sweilam Randolph: Julianna Everly, Korri Evans Upshur: Keely Shafer, Palton Stutler, Jordan Haley, Madison Wagner Webster:BayleighBurge, Caitlin McCurdy, Despena O’Neill, MykennaBuckhannon

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State Police educate citizens on safety

By Mary Winans, Monongalia Federalist, & Hannah Dennis, Randolph Federalist

Watch Out! The two state troopers who have been assigned to Rhododendron Girls State are State Troopers English and Thompson. English and Thompson provided citizens with a Public Safety class. “It is important to inform the public of the dangers outside,” said English. Trooper Thompson informed the citizens of common dangerous events. “We taught about Internet safety and campus safety,” said Thompson. Public safety is vital to all citizens. “We need to protect our citizens and those who can’t protect themselves,” said English.

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JCs lecture on State Government

By Georgia Beatty, Marion Nationalist
In the NTTC Auditorium Tuesday morning, Girls State citizens were greeted with bright pink polo’s instead of the refined senator they expected. Junior counselors Whitney Ramey and Gabby Flannigan explained the mechanics and structure of the state government, as Senator Jack Yost was unable to attend; he is currently preoccupied with the budget crisis in Charleston. In the class, citizens learned exactly how a bill transforms into a law between the house and the senate, how long each politician remains in office, and how different politicians do their jobs efficiently. Equally valuable to the citizens were Ramey and Flannigan’s personal experiences as interns in the capital. “It was kind of crazy being around all these powerful people in a committee and you’re just sitting in the corner furiously taking notes,” Flannigan mused. Information regarding political and journalistic scholarships and internships can be found on the Legislatures

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City Government with Allison Skibo

By Sydney Roseland, Monroe Nationalist

Featured on Monday and Tuesday mornings, City Government was taught by Allison Skibo, a Marketing and Community Relations specialist for the City of Wheeling. To start off our class, she introduced herself, explained her profession and enlightened us as to her college education and experience. After a few family anecdotes, she intrigued her audience with some facts about important or semi-silly city history. After many intelligently worded explanations on the main topics covered in her PowerPoint presentation, which she handed out in print for our convenience. She showed a video to demonstrate the purpose of her occupation. The video was incredibly interesting and creatively shot, demonstrating both the historical and the more modern professionalism of Wheeling. As we began to run out of time, she picked up speed and began to encourage the class and entirety of Girls State to promote the general welfare and raise the

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Circuit Clerk shares wisdom

By Samaria Oiler, Upshur Nationalist

“Work Together.” Young ladies of RGS gathered in the CTE recital hall on Tuesday, June 14th . Circuit clerk Brenda Miller explained women must educate themselves, become qualified in careers and love what they do. Miller has been Ohio County’s circuit clerk for 17 years. She was the only women among five men in office at first. Miller worked in college in the records area and participated in management and marketing classes. She demonstrated how to introduce oneself when running a campaign. “You have 30 seconds to make a good impression, if somebody’s going to vote for you,” she said. Miller offered every candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves. “Tell voters what you will do for them Once you’re in office it’s not about you anymore,” she explained. If voters elect a woman, she has to let them know she appreciates them. Above all Miller concluded,” you

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