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FAQ and What to Bring

Q. How many outfits/What type of clothes should I bring?

There is a dress code for all citizens and staff. Read your letter of welcome carefully, talk to past citizens and then use your own judgment on how many clothes to pack, but don’t forget the essentials. Remember this week is not a camp, but an educational program.


  1. For all classes, assemblies and meals (see pictures for examples):
  2. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday:
    • Khaki, navy or black slacks, capri pants, and skirts (knee-length).
    • White, blue or yellow/gold polo shirts (with a collar, any shade is fine).
  3. Wednesday:
    • On Wednesday the dress code is the ALA RGS White T-shirt and pack either blue (Federalist) or gold (Nationalist) shorts.
  4.  Thursday:   Thursday afternoon-evening dress code: White Dress and white shoes (Inauguration). The white outfit can either be a dress or skirt and blouse
  5.  SHOES
    • pack comfortable shoes, you’ll be walking a lot.
    • pack flip-flops/shower shoes
    • pack white shoes (heels or flats) for Inauguration Day.
  6. NOTE: If you plan on running for an office, business casual attire is recommended for campaigning.

Q. What else do I need to bring?

Sheets and blanket for a twin bed, pillow, towels, robe (optional) and alarm clock.

Q. How much money will I need?

  • The Country Store will be open all week. You can purchase ALA RGS apparel, beverages and snacks.
  • At the beginning of the week, we will collect donations for the ALA RGS Community Project.
  • Also on Wednesday, the party parades are held and you may be asked to contribute a small amount for supplies.
  • Party and community pictures are taken and may be purchased.
  • The University campus store will be open during the week for souvenirs and supplies. There will be a bank Girls State where you can deposit and withdraw funds as you need them.

Q. What offices can I run for?

State Offices County Offices City Offices
Governor Sheriff Mayor
Secretary of State Assessor City Clerk
Attorney General Prosecuting Attorney City Council
Auditor Circuit Clerk
Treasurer County Clerk
Commissioner of Agriculture State Senate
Justices of Supreme Court (5) House of Delegates
Family Court Judge

Q. Can I room with my classmate?

No. Our goal is to assign everyone to room with a student from another school. This is a great way to meet new people. You will have ample time to see your friends during the week. You must be in your room/dormitory at the allotted time each evening and cannot stay in another room other than the one you are assigned.

Q. Can I drive to Elkins?

You may drive to D&E, but you must turn in your car keys to your Senior Counselor. No one is allowed to leave the campus or drive once Girls State begins. Your keys will be given back to you in order for you to pack your car for your departure.

Q. When is dismissal on Friday?

The final assembly will be held Friday morning after breakfast. ALL CITIZENS MUST ATTEND THIS ASSEMBLY in order to receive their completion certificates. This assembly will end around 11 AM. If your ride cannot come until later, please notify your Senior Counselor. A staff member will be on campus until all citizens are gone. Parents are invited to attend the closing ceremony in the Harper McNeely Auditorium located in the Myles Center.